I love giving personalized gifts, tokens etc. to family and friends during special occasions.  The oohs and ahhs and the many thank you’s  that they give me when they receive these things also bring priceless joy to me.

For years now, I’ve done invitations, cards, and other personalized items for friends and family who requested it.  I lovingly obliged them because the truth be known, I really love shopping for the supplies and creating things.  I don’t see myself as a “gifted” artist nor “gifted” scrapbooker – but passionate – that I am!

So, when special occasions come and I ran out of ideas on what to give as a gift to loved ones – I always end up doing something personalized and handmade rather than buying them another shirt, another blouse, another pre-made card and the list goes on.

I know how hard it is to find unique gifts and personalized stuff, more so, if you’re pressed for time and budget is tight.

Everything By MeEverything By Me is a company that formally opened its doors in September 2011.  Its vision is to provide guiding hands towards creating personalized keepsakes.

Its mission is to be the preferred global provider for handmade and personalized keepsakes for all occasions using earth-friendly and Filipino indigenous materials to come up with awesome keepsakes that would sure to be the source of happiness to those who will receive them.

It aims to be able to “personalize” anything and every imaginable keepsake or gift possible in due time.

So here at Everything By Me – we will try to help out in our own simple way – by showcasing suggestions of different items that you may find to give as that special gift and by adding a touch of “personalized” thing to it adds to its charm.

For starters, you may browse through our shop and hopefully see something that you like and we will gladly personalize it for you.

Coming up with a unique and exciting gift, token or a simple keepsake can sometimes bring so much stress, so let Everything By Me, handle all these for you.  Let us partner with you in bringing joy to your loved ones by giving them “personalized” keepsakes that they can cherish for a long time.


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